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Library History

JJ WillenborgFor half a century what is now the Library Annex, was known as Willenborg's Store. This building was the home of Bowsher Furniture until the Pawnee Public Library purchased it in the fall of 2007. The annex shares a common wall with the library to the west and in September and October 2007, the basement and first floor were cleaned, old carpet removed and air filtered; then a new doorway was opened between the two buildings.

The library uses the first floor as a stack area for lower Dewey Decimal titles, meeting space, and quiet reading area. Donations to this area include furniture, carpeting, and flat storage drawer of old maps and information regarding the Village. Shelving matching that in the main building has been purchased and installed for books in this area.

Future plans include a second floor meeting room, an isolated adult reading area, and expansion of genealogical and local history resources.